Active filter technology is the result of extensive research, and it has been proven to provide lowered disturbances, lower current consumption and increased production stability, just to name a few.

The active filter power range fluctuates between 30 A up to 2,800 A with 400 VAC to 690 VAC on the active side. They can either be wall-mounted up to 120 A or in complete cabinet IP21/40 construction. Load current transducers are mounted separately.

Possible active filter connections to the grid:

Technical Data:

Data Value Description Remarks
Input voltage 200 V…480 V +/-10%   3-wire
  200 V…400 V +/-10%   4-wire
  480 V…690 V +/- 5% Over 400 A phase current compensation only 3-wire
Filter current 60 A…300 A Phase 3-wire
  180 A…900 A Neutral 4-wire
  300 A…3000 A Phase 3-wire
Grid frequency 50/60 Hz +/-3 Hz    
Compensation Up to 50th harmonic   Simultaneous selectable
Power factor correction -100% > PF < 100% Inductive or capacitive  
Filter functions Reactive power and/or harmonics compensation   High reliability
  Parallel operation    
  Load balancing    
  Multiple harmonic compensation simultaneously